The OCTA Capital Management Group is engaged in investing capital and creating opportunities for companies on foreign markets.

We primarily deal with sectors in which we have the most experience and expertise. Our investments and management are important to us and that is why we select only those opportunities with high added value and potential and devote as much attention to them as possible. We focus on long-term investments into assets and are currently developing companies and projects in the areas of financial services, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and in the area of environment friendly nanotechnologies and biotechnologies.

About us

We put primary emphasis on the executive management of investment companies, which clearly complies with their focus and goals. We are personally engaged in our activities to create long-term value.

OCTA Capital management was established in 2014 with registered offices in Prague. It specialises in long-term investments and business opportunities in the area of financial services, healthcare, ecological and special technologies, nanotechnologies, and wholesale and retail in the global market.

From local to international company

Along with our partners we operate in more than ten European countries and we have
offices in Luxembourg, Prague and Bratislava.

We focus on business opportunities that allow us to bring our specialised and unique capabilities and experience to bear. At the same time, we are actively involved in the selection and management of investments and companies in our portfolio. Our business partners are primarily privately-held companies in Europe, China, Russia and the USA.

Investment strategy

We primarily invest into stable companies with a long-term history
and in companies with high potential for future growth.

The annual EBITDA of these companies should exceed 3 million EUR. Most of our funds are invested through the partner a Luxembourg-based fund and we primarily focus on the region of Central Europe. We understand that the best possible performance is the only way to succeed in the global environment. Therefore, we aim for investment opportunities with the highest added value and focus most of our attention on an investment horizon of at least 5 years.


Ing. Romana Zárišová
Mobil: 00421 917 412 877